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girl_butts's Journal

Guys & Girls Who Love HOT Girl Asses
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to girl_butts, a community dedicated to butts of the X chromosome. Here, we encourage pictures of hot butts.

Show us what you have, plain and simple.

Entertain us...

To view the posts on this community, you must be a member. To be a member of this community:
You must be 18+.
You must be courteous and use an where necessary. If you don't know how, consult the FAQ.
This is a community to show your girl butt. To maintain the standard rules of the community, if you are showing something other than butt, please respect the other members of the community and place it behind a cut and labeling in the cut text what is inside.

Also, no posting of quizzes/surveys unless mod-approved.

All entries are automatically set to friends-only, so in order to view them, you must actually join the community.

*Absolutely NO promotion or advertising of communities, icon journals or anything of the like. That's what community_promo is for.

Failure to comply with these rules can and will result in the deletion of your posts and/or banning from community.

And so the boys aren't left out, be sure to check out our brother community, boy_butts. Same concept, different gender. You get the drift.